Our mission is to expand our expertise and activities and maintain our focus on excellence regarding construction, infrastructure and development services with a strong focus on quality and detail. Our target is to continue providing advanced solutions for sustainable development and infrastructure investing in the best resources, maintaining our good reputation and reliability and satisfying every client’s expectations and demands.

We set up values such as:

- The provision of a high quality of work with excellent service and great respect towards our clients

- The provision of excellent health and safety standards

- The guarantee of a sustainable and profitable, socially and ethically responsible service

- The care and respect for our employees and those we interact with throughout our projects

- The correct and positive entrepreneurship that leads towards future opportunities to grow our business

 Based on these we envision and develop towards our future expansion and our future collaboration with more clients and companies.

Based on the above, our strategy embraces the key elements of quality and guarantee in providing services, diversity in the public as well as in the private sector focusing on constructional and technical projects, and exploration and development of expertise in new areas of interest for the growth of our activity range.

Fax +357 25 312 990

Tel. +357 99 445 851, +357 99 325 428, +357 25 322 116

P.O. Box 50565, 3607 Limassol, Cyprus

Email: karpozilos@cytanet.com.cy