Our company strongly believes that another important factor of success and excellence is the professional training of all the company crew, which implicates an important investment.

Our major concern is our staff to always work under healthy and safe conditions. Hence the company provides all the necessary support system, equipment and on-the-field training so as to enhance the crew’s productivity, motivation and skills.


From the very beginning of their employment our staff receives a complete and ongoing training and mentoring, enriched with seminars and workshops and always updated in regards with new technologies and laws, so as for them to properly grow and perfectly adjust in the right environment within the family of the company.



As health and safety is our work basis and major concern, the company follows a policy founded on the current Labour and Social Legislation of the Republic of Cyprus. Based on the above, our company ensures that all the necessary training is provided to the crew so as to provide them with all the skills and knowledge essential for their safety. This is managed through seminars, workshops and on site meetings.


Our project managers always ensure that all construction sites follow the Health and Safety rules, and are constantly working on improving the Health and Safety performance through risk assessments, staff briefings and the provision of all the essential equipment (PPI).

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